Christian from Long Island

As long as I can remember the only thing I truly loved was
seeing bands play. At sometime I decided to make it my life. Since I had no talent to speak, all I can really do was
set some shows up, and that's pretty much become my life.
I probably go to 150 concerts/shows a year, some I'm behind, some I'm just a fan. I got stories about both, and some tales about my life as well.. read up
Feb 23

I think Im qualified to say this

These guys are the best new band to come out of the Island in a while.

If I were a beting man, I would bet the farm on them following the foot steps of TBS, BN, GLASSJAW, MOVIE LIFE, ENVY and all the other LI bands that give long island a national identity

listen to last 2 songs.

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